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The video is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1:

1. Economic history of Myanmar – how Myanmar ended up where they are, as one of the poorest country in Asia despite its rich natural resources.
2. A simple story of why it is more profitable to invest in Myanmar than in Singapore. Caveat: You need to have strong stomach for risk if you want to invest in an emerging market like Myanmar.
3. As an entrepreneur:
a. Is inefficiency good or bad?
b. Is the continuing US financial sanction good or bad?

Part 2

4. What are the opportunities by industry in Myanmar?
5. Is your organization suffering from Giganitis?
6. Why emerging markets favour entrepreneurs.
7. Low entry barrier for entrepreneur in Myanmar versus China and India
8. Understand the role of the Central and State government.
9. What is the role of the JV Partner in Myanmar.
10. The importance of training in creating the right culture in you company.
11. How to operate in a cash based society like Myanmar.
12. Should you wait for after the 2015 election before entering the Myanmar market?

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