Fernando Perez is a new revelation in the Guitar World, he plays Western Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, Hawaiian, Traditional Blues, Latin, Indian, African, as well as other styles from the latest contemporary to the deep traditions. He combines it all with his originality and interesting view of the world to create a smooth and fresh music that can not be classified.
Choosing different instruments such as Resophonic, Hawaiian lap steel, Indian or Flamenco guitars as the color of his sound, we have old and new music performed in old although new instruments that put the soul into ease. All this along with a wide background in music and culture makes this artist a wonderful choice for those who want to give their musical taste a new flavor.

In a lifetime odyssey Fernando has dedicated his time since the age of seven to learn about music and cultures, studying in world known centers, traveling to many places and performing with the most curious people.

The Recitals
To attend Fernando's recitals is like going on a journey around the world without the need of passport or jetlack. His is not only guitar music, among his compositions and arrangements you can find pieces for Japanese Koto, or west African instruments performed on his different guitars. His repertoire transport the listener to such exotic sites as Hawaii, Japan, India, Spain the Americas and Africa among other places.
His performances are full of surprises coming from bare hands, acoustic instruments and a microphone, as well as many anecdotes about people and places where he learned from.
Fernando also offers educational concerts for all audiences as well as guitar workshops in many different styles.
With a charming, humble personality, great respect for the art and where it comes from, he reaches people's hearts doing what he knows best... music.

“Fernando Perez transport listeners on an intriguing voyage around the world, this very gifted guitarist employs a rare National resonator guitar, crafting a captivating collection of instrumental compositions that reflects influences from Hawai’i, Japan, Central and South America and Africa.
Adept at playing many styles of music from classical and flamenco to jazz and Hawaiian, Perez has devoted years to studying traditional music from most major world cultures. These diverse strands are all distilled into an eloquent and original music.”
Jon Woodhouse, Maui Scene, U.S.A.

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