The world through the screen

Public sculpture
Five angular sculptures appear to float in space. A casual visitor may wander past, but those who look longer see immense floating iceberg-like helmets appear. If a helmet is put on, suddenly you enter another dimension.
Through the visor of the helmet you see yourself from a distance, standing in the room. As an omniscient viewer you see yourself walk around. You become your own alter ego, with the unique opportunity to behave differently, connect with other visitors and unite the physical and virtual world... in a real public sculpture.

Public domain
We experience life and the world around us more and more through a screen.
What effect this has on our movement and our behavior in the physical space, we test in a game where you have to build in the real and 'virtual' world. You yourself are the building block. The game ridicules and emphasises the delay and apparent distance created by the digital public domain relative to the physical public world. This creates a surreal sensation at the moment the anonymity of the screen meets the thrill of real physical contact.

Public play
The entire game uses hardware and software that is publicly available and downloadable for free. Therefore anyone can recreate the game themselves. With just two smartphones you are already playing the game and the number of participants can be expanded endlessly. The entire design with the complete building instructions will be available free online at rezone.nl

Monobanda & DUS architects


Part of REZONE playful interventions.
Supported by BAI en DW.

Music: 'Swarms' by C418

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