[documentary, 26', Full HD format, in post-production, ready 28/03/2014] Stories of IMI at Bergen-Belsen. Italian MIlitary Internees. A Doc/film and ProFormaMemoria production, in collaboration with Stiftung niedersaechsische Gedenkstaetten.
After 8 September 1943, and the Armistice with which Italy abandoned its German ally, the Italian soldiers who did not accept to join the Republic of Salò were interned in prison camps in Germany, deprived of the status of prisoners of war and not protected by the Geneva Convention. They became IMI: Italian military internees. In 2010, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen by the British troops, the former IMIs Ferdinando Atti, Giuseppe Cigognetti, Michele Montagano and Domenico Buccella took part in the celebrations along with the survivors of captivity from Russia, Poland, Israel and other countries. One of the tragic icons of the Holocaust died in Bergen-Belsen: Anne Frank.
Dr. Rolf Keller, Head of Memorials Development of Lower Saxony Memorials Development Department, and the researcher Silke Petry, tell us about the historical approach of the German institution. Ferdinando Atti tells us about everyday life and human and political aspects of an imprisonment that was also an expression of Resistance to Fascism.
Produced by Doc/film and ProFormaMemoria in collaboration with Stiftung niedersaechsische Gedenkstaetten.
Direction Nicola Nannavecchia, historical consultant Roberta Gibertoni. With Ferdinando Atti, Rolf Keller, Stilke Petry, Michele Montagano, Giuseppe Cigognetti, Domenico Buccella

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