Thank you AMC and Sony for making the Greatest Show on Earth! No more high school teachin' megalomaniac, lying cheating killing meth-makin' Dad. We love you, Walt, you're the best we ever had, but you ruined the life of one fine lad, when you rode along to bust Jesse's pad! Wow! It's all over now.

We love you Hank, the Man that never quit. We love you Skyler, you're nobody's bitch. We love you Junior and your minor glitch. We love you Jesse, the justified snitch. We all paid the price of getting rich! Wow! It's all over now.

We miss you Mike, the quintessential fixer. You too Gus, sponsor of elixirs. We miss you Saul, the professional trickster. And you, Marie, the good wife and sister. But Walt is the man we all call Mister! Wow! It's all over now.

The study of change, we call chemistry. Lessons in pride fall from Greek tragedy. Am I the danger? My own worst enemy? Can I say my own name? Do I know me? Until then, maybe I should tread lightly! Wow! What will I do now? Yeah, Better Call Saul.

Special thanks to Ian Norman for allowing the remix of his film "Leaves."

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