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Crash - Chasing Fire's opening sequence.

TM & © BrickWall Studios (2013)
Cast: Anthea Murfet, Richard Herrera, Gigette Reyes, Beau Ballinger, Dianne Sison, Alvin Anson, Ryan Alonzo
Director: Brian Patrick / Brian Patrick Lim
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Producer: Dana Porcalla, May May San Andres
Screenwriter: Brian Patrick, Richard Herstek

Film Description: Written and produced a year before Nora Robert's novel of the same name and The Hunger Games were released, Chasing FIre is a story of an ill-fated couple who must face and find the resolution to their own destinies. Chasing Fire surpasses the commonplace of two people defining love. Living behind the shadow of her mother, Kristin falls in love with Shane, an aspiring musician, whom she soon discovers to have something innately in common with her. Chasing Fire does not only exemplify finding love and happiness, it also accentuates discovering oneself and delving into life as it is- a reality that most people don’t normally live in.

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