We’ve been told many times that we should write unit tests for our code. We have read the theory and we have applied automatic testing to our projects, sometimes successfully but often times not so.

Why it seems to be so hard to test our code? However we look at it, automatic testing doesn’t work like a “plug & play” peripheral. It just doesn’t seem to fit with our project. A dependency is missing here; we have a hard to mock object there; and so on.

What is _that_ thing we might be doing wrong but we fail to notice?

In this talk we will argue that the problem lays in our code, in its structure, in the way we pass data around and even how we write for loops!

This won’t be your everyday “code quality” tech talk, since we are going to attack the problem of code quality from different points of view and paradigms like Functional Programming and the Unix philosophy of simplicity and reuse.

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