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WE LIVE IN A WORLD of mechanical gadgets. We use them every day in our homes, automobiles and occupations. Most of us have only a vague idea of how our car, electric mixer or radio works - but all continue working nonetheless. We believe the reason our gadgets work is because they are based on mechanical principles or laws as concrete asthephysicalworlditself. It is paradoxical that these "immutable physical laws" are created after the fact of finding some principle that works. Electricity was originally thought to be on the same level as voodoo and magic, but after it was continually proven to be a predictable force it entered the world of science and physical law.

Our physical laws and principles are established after proving that a new force or power "works" and is predictable. Thomas Edison refused to work with Nikola Tesla on his alternating current system
because he thought it was impossible that such a system could operate. Tesla proved it did work, contrary to theory, and today Tesla's system is used in all the electric power generating systems in the world. Theories were formed to adequately explain it after it was discovered to work. One hundred and fifty years ago chemists were successfully predicting and carrying out experiments even though today we have proven that their basic premises were completely false. How were they able to have successful results when they were operating according to erroneous theories? There may be a super-principle at work here that we are not aware of.

That's why i want you to know about the hendershot generator... and the complete story will be revealed by clicking link you can find in the description box below

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