- "Said the Cheshire cat to Alice."

This was my final project for my Bachelor in Computer Graphic Design at the University of Waikato,
with a video i made whilst in a highly sleep deprived state.

A door way into my imagination

The idea was to create three separate layers representing the different depths into my imagination inspired by the stroy - Alice in Wonderland

Layer 1 - The world as it is, literal life orientated objects
Layer 2 - The world as i see it in my imagination
Layer 3 - The world imagined though the eyes of an imagined character with my imagination

Each layer was given a specific colouration and then was layered one upon the other, decode glasses were then needed to view of the given worlds, as if trying to filter through the chaos that is inside my head.

so many hours of vectoring.

Media / Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Flash CS4
Scale / 900mm X 1800mm Aprox
Print / 3mm PVC Vinyl

For full information on the project visit my website!
- michelleevelyn.prosite.com/90533/481240/gallery/were-all-mad-here

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