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In human evolution language comes into being for making the other understand one´s own position.
Later humans developed tought pattern called ideologies.

Ideologies like the fascist´s or communist´s thought patterns, even some religious sectarianism turns grammar and words into a killing tool by deviding humans into followers and enemys. Crucial to ideologist´s abuse of grammar is turning it´s communication function into a order message system. The ideology dominated communication is a one way communication and language is used to mark the orders which are essential to the progress of revolution, riot and mass killing justified by the thought pattern of the "righteous few". This is the point where ideologist´s abuse of words meets with that of organized crime.

In nowadays language is not only the language of words but the language of images.
There is no difference between words and images, the grammar of language and the grammar of photography or movie.
Words tend to be more abstract. Images seem to tell us that "we get what we buy".
But this is not true. Images are as highly manipulating as words. They follow grammar rules as words do and the rules behind them have a great impact on what we think, we see in them. And "the grammar of images" allows an even deeper impact of behind-the-image thought pattern on the viewer´s mind.

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