To promote the Bavaria Malt non-alcoholic beer we created Niels Altenberg, - a hero from the Netherlands who works for MALT PATROL.

Niels’s mother knows him as a kind person. She loves him and thinks he is working mostly at the office.

In reality Niels is a real hero and live-saver. He helps people and fights the most dangerous villans. He is tough, cool and handsome.

The TV commercial tells a warm, kind, and at the same time very dynamic story. Niels is cooler and tougher, than his mother thinks! And so is the Bavaria Malt with its unique and full taste.

Mother voiceover: “My lovely son Niels often comes to visit me. He is a patrol officer. We live in a very quiet city and Niels spends most of his time at the office. There is a nice river in the neighbourhood and he has a chance to swim and bath when it gets really hot outside. But there is also a different way to refresh. The natural and non-alcoholic drink Bavaria Malt. It has been brewed for over than 40 years following a traditional recipe. Bavaria Malt. Cooler than you think!”

ГК Efes Rus:
Olga Kirienko – Brand Director
Tatiana Radunskaya - Marketing Manager
Veronika Sviridova - Brand Manager

Progression agency:
Idea - Yakov Ionychev, Maksimov Vadim
General Manager - Max Tadevosyan
Executive Creative Directors - Mitya Keshishev, David Kalvo
Creative Director - Danila Kotov

Creative Group Head - Yakov Ionychev
Art Director - Vladimir Veretennikov
Copywriter - Maksimov Vadim
Head of Production - Andrey Voronkov
Agency Producer - Alexandra Kulikova
Client Service Director - Anastasia Sidorova
Account Director - Maria Shelomanova

Park Production:
Alexander Farber – General producer
Aram Petrosyan - Producer
Gleb Orlov - Director
Vlad Opelyants - Operator

Honey Films:
Ilya Medovy – Executive producer

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