***FIRST OFF! After you watch this episode make sure to check out Episode 2.b. The guys over at kingandcountry.tv hit us up with some awesome behind the scenes stuff from the "Believe" spot we discuss. Enjoy! vimeo.com/7651350

In this episode we talk about:
1) kingandcountry.tv's "Believe" spot.
2) Pas walks us through how he puts a walk cycle together.
3) Answer the question: "What applications do we use, and why?"

- "Believe" By: kingandcountry.tv. Contact: info@kingandcountry.tv

- 3D Rig for Pas' Animation. By: creativecrash.com

- Animation Book Pas' mentioned, bit.ly/animation_book

- Ice Cream tutorial. By: bit.ly/icecream_tut

- Cinema4D's website: maxon.net/products/cinema-4d.html

- Adobe After Effects website: adobe.com/products/aftereffects

- Apple Motion website: apple.com/finalcutstudio/motion

- Tweetie website: atebits.com/tweetie-mac

- Maya website: bit.ly/keyframe_maya

- Adobe Flash website: adobe.com/products/flash

Finally, make sure you email us your questions/comments/concerns/whatever at: keyframers@gmail.com

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