I am more than human, I am Super-Real.
I've made love to lizards.
I've nunchucked mountain tops.
I've let the Exxon oil Spill come inside.
The evil ones tell me their secrets and then they want to cry.
I help them like I help you,
But even Mr God-Sir, he let Jesus die.
He let Jesus Die.
I am Super-Real.

excerpt from Queen Shmooquan " I am a Promise."
Risk/Reward Festival Portland, OR. 2012

Jeppa K Hall is a performance artist/comedian, vocalist, and musician based out of Seattle, Washington.

Jeppa's performances as Queen Shmooquan are a hybridization of an unknown number of genres resulting in solo psychedelic theater performances that merge pop-art clowning with multi-media performance art, music, and non-linear storytelling. She is also known as Goatgirl: her 21st century ballads project and is one half of the acoustic metal duo FINGER with violinist Julie Baldridge.

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