Little Ghost is Marcel 'Ray' Piscione, a pop-experimentalist, multi-instrumentialist from Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Promo video for my first full length, 'This Life'.

Music by Marcel Piscione
Shot by Marcel Piscione, Randy Piscione, and Alex Metcalfe
Edited by Marcel Piscione

Concept of the record
A record full of nostalgia. Like I have stated many times before, this is not a break up record. Yes, it was inspired by a very emotionally abusive relationship I was involved in, but less of the relationship ending and more of the dissociative psychotic reaction I had towards how it ended. I experienced both the worst times of my life and also the best times of my life while writing the songs for this album. I won't get into detail, but in a nutshell it is about the experience I had in this emotionally abusive relationship and the struggle of getting myself out of it, and the effect that it had on my life at the time. What I was going for with this record was more of a version of you "dying" & depicting the stages you go through when entering something abusive. Such as, Prologue (an introduction), Love (when you fall into it this abusive muse), Steady (when you're just going with it and what it supplies), The Fall Out (when it starts to go down hill), The Freak Out (when you hit rock bottom), The Wake Up (when you try and recover), "¿Friends?" (when you are fighting with almost everyone around you because you're just starting to be generally content again and you find out who your true friends are), and The Finale, which is when you start anew. After reading this all click on each song and read the description within them. I think (and hope) this can apply to everyone with everything. Not just a relationship but everything. This record mainly focuses on two types of people. Everyone faces these two types of people in their lives. One, that person that no matter how hard you try to love them, they won't let you & two, that person who you give everything to, love, compassion, life and your will, but ultimately lets you down and leaves you with nothing, at rock bottom. The people you try to come to terms with after an awful ending but it fucks your life up even more. This record isn't to get back at somebody, it isn't even really about somebody. If I didn't make this record, I don't know where I'd be. Probably not alive. I realize everyone isn't gonna like it, I do say some not nice things, but I don't care. I started this project to save my life. So, just remember nothing is forever, be yourself, don't depend on anyone else and that it's okay to hate yourself. I'm still trying to recover from all this but thanks for listening, thanks for reading and thanks for supporting. Wouldn't be on this earth without my fans. So, let the nostalgia sink in.. ♥

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