Showreel for projects I was director of photography for through 2012 and early 2013. Includes footage from films shot on Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Red One, Sony F3, 5D Mark III, etc.

Filmography (in order):
A Party in London, dir. Arabella Oz, Red Epic + Cooke Panchro
Mulberry Walk, dir. Dimitar Dimitrov, Sony F3 + Zeiss CP2
On The Line, dir. Michael Coburn, Sony F3 + Zeiss CP2
Fractal Net Dancing, dir. Andrea Filippo, Red Scarlet + Zeiss CP2
Anniversary, dir. Inbar Livne, Red One + Zeiss CP2
Solo, dir. Anastasia Berezovsky, Sony EX3 + Letus 35mm Adapter
Oscar, dir. Inbar Livne, Sony F3 + Zeiss CP2
Short Stop on the Way, dir. Dimitar Dimitrov, Sony EX3 + Letus 35mm Adapter
Anything But Normal, dir. Sophie Boyce, Canon 5D Mark III
Potable, dir. Kew Lin & Jaryl Lim, Canon 5D Mark II

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