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41/415 III (2013) - 30'
Composer : Maria Aristotelous
For Wave Field Synthesis System and Percussionist
Percussion: Ruben Castillo del Pozo
Visuals: Maria Aristotelous

41/415 III is the third part of a compositional and/or installation series I started in the middle of the previous year. All the three 41/415 are multimedia pieces,in the sense that these consist of many mediums that are all necessary for the multi layers of translational processes that these series are aiming for. The continuum plays an important key role in the series of 41/415 plays, which started as an inner-structure continuum in the first part of 41/415 (in the form of many different timeframes, as rhythms and visual motifs that were present through the 10 minute length of the piece) and transformed into a more mythic and timeless continuum in the second part of the piece by the presence of enigmatic scribbles and drawings in the installation context of it. In the third part of 41/415 I intentionally place the context of the piece in a more mythic and universal timeframe by introducing another timescale, a macro one , that includes the artistic process that evolve outside time and can be understood as the time distance between the creation and performance of all 3 parts of 41/415 and also the possibility of a time continuum that has yet not happened and most possibly include next versions of it, that will differ from the previous by the impact of the same continuum. And that macro time scale dynamically and karmically change the piece in time. The structure of the composition is based on the idea of the Lunar Archetype of Transformation as it was described by Carl Gustav Jung, and the idea of the Proto-Performance as it was introduced and described by the composer Jani Christou. A projection and a percussionist interfaces between the different circular parts and paths of the piece and sets questions not only about the time of the different sonic actions but also about the place and the medium through which these occur. This is a dream and its structure is yet unknown...

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