A few years ago the news went out to the world that there had been found fragments of a new Gospel. A shepherd by the river of Nile had found a scroll of bleached papyrus. On the last page, written on the last and thirteenth line, one could read: Ευαγγέλιον του- «The Gospel of Judas». This is the Gospeler – not the sinner – Judas Iscariot’s own gospel. This is the damned’s own report. This is the scum and perpetrator of whole mankind, taking the word, witnessing about what no one ever could – or would realise: That Judas is the Hero – the One – taking on the Mission to betray his own Master so that the prophesy could be consummated. The events – «the Kiss of Judas», the capture in the olive garden in the night – is seen from within – from the two making the agreement. The only ones who knew the truth.

Last part in Lid’s trilogy: «Games of sorrow»
Judasevangeliet (The Gospel of Judas) will be third and last part of Tore Vagn Lid’s trilogy of «Game of Sorrow». «The Games of sorrow» (Sørgespill) do not have «actors», and no «musicians» or «singers», but only players. Inspired by the old board games with their rules and narratives, the games of sorrow try to reconcile societal overview with existential insight, seek the individual in the system and the system in the individual, and seek contexts and rules that unite seemingly isolated and individual destinies in one and the same game.
Tore Vagn Lid’s last Game of Sorrow: «Kill Them All!» (Nationaltheatret, 2013) was described by “Norsk Shakespear and Theatre Magazine” as being «…some of the best theatre made in Norway for a long, long time»

"For me the Gospel of Judas is about the one who does “the low” to make happen what “is high”, not however because one is “good or bad at core”, but because this world often does not match such categories. I therefore see the Gospel as a path towards a place where victim and executioner cross and melt into each other; a self-contradictory (dialectical) place, a position of death or a deadlock where not taking action will be as catastrophic as taking action." (Tore Vagn Lid)

Director, text and audio-visual concept: Tore Vagn Lid
Music: Glenn Erik Haugland & Tore Vagn Lid
Set design: Kyrre Bjørkås
With: Transiteatret-Bergen and BIT20 Ensemble
Produced by Transiteatret-Bergen and Ultima in collaboration with BIT 20 and DNO.
Supported by Norwegian Arts Council and Bergen Kommune

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