Taking Turns is an immersive and interactive performance that explores perception and the way it shapes our realities.
The piece consist in a walk through performance-installation for one participant at the time. The single spectator is at first immersed in the experience and right after invited to collaborate to the realization of the same experience for another person. In a system of overlapping performances, the audience is therefore exchanging roles and positions: moving from one side of the mirror to the other, from the theatrical fiction to the backstage. This chain offer the possibility to the audience of being active perceivers of the piece, meeting other participants in a possibly heightened situation and reflecting on their own experiences.
Inspired by some of the scientific experiments performed by the Brain, Body and Self Laboratory (ehrssonlab.se), the main tool used to realized the different changes in perspective is a video set that combine video glasses and portable cameras.
by Paolo Zuccotti and collaborators:
Jan Hajdelak Husták – multimedia design, technical advice
Emma Örn – advice for scenography, concept, text
Andreas Johansson – artistic engineering

tutor: BBB Johannes Deimling
edit: Jan Hajdelak Husták

performed on March 2013 at Norwegian Theatre Academy

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