"The Single Step" is an interactive poetry installation about recalling memories of my childhood friend Rebecca and our time spent in the woods. Rebecca passed away February, 2012. When we were young, we built steps up a tree in the woods behind our elementary school. I went back to visit that tree for the first time in years this summer and saw only one of the steps remained. I felt this single step was a beautiful remembrance of Rebecca. The installation attempts to encapsulate what seeing that step meant to me but also acts as remembrance of our time spent together through spoken poem, interactivity, and sound.

The poem and interactions are split into two distinct parts. The first part of the poem read by hitting wind chimes. This part of the poem recalls specific events and feelings shared as kids and is illustrated through the sounds of the chimes.

In the second part of the poem I have participants building the step. As they hammer in the nail, the poem and sound of the hammer conjures up an unsettling awareness of the present state without her but ends by asking if she might be able to see our tree from Heaven.

Materials: Wood, branch, wind chimes, nail, copper wiring, projected video, MaKey MaKey, laptop.
Participant: Daniel Beebe

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