Download this song at The official music video for Black Lab's "Mine Again" the lead single from the album Passion Leaves A Trace.

Directed, shot and cut by Scott Chestnut (See Scott's work at

Many people know this track from the Bumrush the Charts social media stunt, or are fans from the days of Wash it Away, Time Ago, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Spider-Man soundtrack. This delicious music video features mountains & oceans and good old rocking out.

There’s a place I used to go. there’s a world I used to know. there was a light and it was you. every word I say is true. I say every day I will wait till you’re mine again. I will die every day till you’re mine again. there’s no words to explain no beginning and no end. I will dream I will pray you’ll be mine again. I can see you dressed in red all the secret things you said lying barefoot in the grass now my heart is in your hands. it’s just time that runs between us. it’s the ocean underneath us. it’s the picture that won’t fade away.

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