** Latest ** The Beat Beneath my Feet has been nominated for the Raindance Award at the British Independent Film Awards, blogs.indiewire.com/sydneylevine/nominations-announced-for-the-moet-british-independent-film-awards-20141110

Reviews have been amazing for this film so please support our crowdfunding campaign to get this film a worldwide theatrical release crowdshed.com/projects/the-beat-beneath-my-feet-a-british-feature-film

I could not believe my luck as I captured the next behind the scenes of the upcoming British feature film 'The Beat Beneath my Feet'. A Church, lots of interesting and melodious volunteers for the choir, Beethoven's 5th symphony and all in the midst of a busy yet high spirited film crew. I was there just for a few hours and the main scene was captured at the end of the day with 18 microphones, check out facebook.com/beatbeneathfilm for some pictures. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final scene in the film and in the meantime I hope you all enjoy the rehearsals :)

The movie is starting to attract some media attention as Luke Perry stars in the film dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2451568/Down-Beverly-Hills--Battersea-Luke-Perry-looks-worlds-away-90210-glory-days-cuts-scruffy-figure-London.html I can assure everyone that he is still a dashing, highly professional and polite actor as he plays the part of a former 'Rock God'. The other lead Nicholas Galitzine who plays Tom in the film is a future star along with a host of other young superb actors.

Check out other behind the scenes:
#9 vimeo.com/108760652 Premier Beats
#8 vimeo.com/105662296 Crowdfunding pitch
#7 vimeo.com/105183139 'An interview with Luke Perry'
#6 vimeo.com/77095509 'Slo'
#5 vimeo.com/76472617 'Rehearsals'
#4 vimeo.com/76003110 'On Location
#3 vimeo.com/75582968 'Green Beats'
#2 vimeo.com/75434205 'Script reading'
#1 vimeo.com/74401031 'The Beat Begins' first of the series

Music Licensed from premiumbeat.com
Beethoven - Symphony No.5 (1st movement) by Apollo Symphony Orchestra

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