Hey people,

This is a promo I designed for a company called JumpMyMedia which is run by some of my good friends. I decided to go for a 2D cartoon look and feel to it using the same colour scheme as the logo as this fit well with the website. Most things were hand animated with key frames in After Effects and masks were used to create the shapes.

I hope you like this promo and if you could check out JumpMyMedia's website and Facebook that would be much appreciated as they do alot of great motion graphics and social media things on there.

Please if you could, take a second to leave some feedback on my videos as it is much appreciated as these projects take a lot of time to put together and create. Also check out my channel and maybe subscribe so future videos I upload on my channel wont be missed. Thanks guys! :)

Thank you for everyone and all of my subscribers for being active and watching my videos, it means alot to me :)

Music: Locally_Sourced (YouTubes creative tools music)


Halesey's Twitter:

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