Love this intriguing video!
The music gives it mystery and mystique.
The movement and the repetition.of the shadows makes it dynamic.
As the observer you feel like being the astronaut in space who likes to touch, or get close the moon.
In the end it must be the journey not the destination to the moon that counts...
Love it that Helen has "signed" her video with her own visual shadow at the end.
- Elise van Bentem

The footage first has a literal reference to the music (strings and notes) but eventually makes you feel like you are on a journey, never quite getting there, one step forward two steps back. It made me feel a little unsatisfied, anxious and dizzy, until I see the artist's shadow right at the end, I liked that touch, It brings you back to the reality again somehow. It humanises it again after dragging you in to the hypnotic state of the footage and the music.
- Jennie Fagerstrom

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