This was a test of the latest build from Magic Lantern on the 60D.
While the 60D has a lower data write limit compared to the 50D or the MKIII, I’ve found that filming in the lower resolutions of this Super 35-sized sensor (1152x490 at 2.35:1) yields great results. Namely, upscaling this to 1920x1080 yields identical results of filming on Super 16mm film.

While there are a few drawbacks due to the camera’s limited memory, I love it for this output and it serves as a great b-camera, provided that you compensate with wider glass.

Nikkor AI-S 28mm f2.8
ML RAW 14bit DNG (super 16)
VisionColor LUT

Einhander Original Game Soundtrack

Small HD for allowing me to gawk over their beautiful new DP7 OLED monitors.

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