Surf City - 'NYC'

Here are the words of Director Bill Bycroft:

"The video follows a day in the life of the Surf City guys. We share a similar sense of humor and they wanted something that didn't take itself too seriously. The suburb of Arch Hill was a logical setting."

"I like the idea of the band as a gang, kinda tough but tongue in cheek. Just being the lovable rogues that they are."

"With each scenario the bravado of the gang grows and leads to more daring risks. But there's also some kind of moral at work. The victims of the crimes are the guys themselves. Like, crime doesn't pay, or something like that."

"In the final scene the band reminds us that we're always our own harshest critics."

Director Bill Bycroft has directed numerous extreme sports videos for the likes of Billabong, Red Bull and Vans.

Taken from the Surf City album "We Knew It Was Not Going To be Like This" on Fire Records.

Available to order here:

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