TEAM! This is my last video for Term 1 of ENG 0096 Troy University (eTroy); October 10, 2013. Do enjoy these last words. As well, contact me with any issues or concerns that can still be handled before the close of term, Sunday night (late), October 13, 2013. Remember, "DON'T WRITE AS YOU SPEAK, unless you have a normally academic sound under general conditions. This is not often the case, as we all use multiple "registries" These registries are not always appropriate when converting into written academic language.
Don't forget to finish up the thee COURSE EXAMS the Troy Course Description asks of me. These will not matter if your core work is not up to par.
Ok. That should do it. I'm coming to you from the campus of the University of Vermont (Burlington, Vermont). Be well, everyone, and good luck for the end of the term!

-- Glennie

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