As swine-flu hysteria sweeps through Ukraine with alarming but unconfirmed reports of hundreds already dead and thousands, even tens of thousands falling ill, there's growing talk that the country is in the middle of a undeclared biological attack or experiment.

Bloggers are making claims of huge numbers of people witnessing aircraft spraying, the government has closed schools and the United Nations WHO has flown in a team of experts to investigate the deaths of at least six people who succumbed to massive bleeding from multiple orifices - symptoms that sound unlike any kind of flu but remarkably similar to the deadly hemorrhagic Ebola and Marburg viruses which have no cure.

People on the ground we've contacted are convinced this is the result of a germ warfare being conducted against Ukraine.

It's interesting to note that the Anthrax War filmmakers traveled to Kiev to interview Ken Alibek , a germ war scientist with a impressive, to some, track record in weaponizing genetically modified germs and viruses. For years Alibek had been in charge of the vast secret Soviet biological weapons program that developed tons of deadly biological agents ready to be deployed by missile against the West.

They had even cultivated an especially virulent form of the Marburg virus named Variant U in memory of a fellow scientist who met a horrific, bloody death after accidentally becoming infected

Alibek defected to the USA in 1992 and his revelations shocked the US Defense establishment. After a lengthy debriefing Aleibek was put to work for the American "bio-defense" program and began sharing the expertise in the "death sciences" he had perfected behind the Iron Curtain, consulting for the US military and the CIA.

After becoming the darling of new US "Bio-Military Industrial Complex", getting profiled in "The New Yorker" to author Richard Preston and becoming a valued expert who vouched for Saddam's germ WMDs, Alibek headed back to the East turning up in Ukraine's capital Kiev... an interesting choice for a former Soviet defector who is still widely perceived as a traitor in Russia today.

Even more interesting is what he's doing there...

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