To celebrate I have edited together for the first time (in its original mini-DV glory!) both I Like Pete and I Like Pete Too into one complete featurette! So grab a can of Pringles and join The Professor, Jessica, Angus the Farmer, Barking Girl, and all the rest on an action packed journey through the world of Pete, start to.....start.

I Like Pete - Pete starts a new semester hoping for a change to his social life, until a fateful wish brings about some unusual attention.

I Like Pete Too - Pete's girlfriend Jessica is kidnapped after screening his film "I Like Pete". Absurdity ensues as he unravels the secrets of Jessica's kidnappers..."The Men Who Should Have Been Dressed in Black"!

I Like Pete was my first short production at William Paterson University and where I met some of my life long friends. For the love of fiercely independent film making! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was involved and to those watching for the first time! Let's see what the next ten years will bring!

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