A data product designed to save fuel, reduce emissions and improve efficiency for the shipping industry by applying the science of oceanography.

Learn More at:
twitter: @theoceanexch

Learn More at:
twitter: @theoceanexch

Savannah Ocean Exchange Viral Video Intern Team 2013

Directed by Marc Murano / imdb.com/name/nm4065940/

Written by Chris Lohr / linkedin.com/in/lohrchris

Produced by Courtney Roth / linkedin.com/in/rothcourtney
& Alex Schmitt

Directors of Photography Tate McCurdy
& Terra Gonzalez / terragg.com

Editing & Script Supervision by Zach Lyons / vimeo.com/zachlyons
& Jane Gray

Sound Designers & Editors Chris Reese / vimeo.com/reseproductions
& Andrew Howard

Visual Effects & Animators Brendon Echsner / brendonxn3r.com
& Nate Usiak / usiak.com

Motion Media & Special Effects Shea Lord / shealord.com

Colourist: Tate McCurdy

Production Executive Mehmet Caglayan / bluevoyageproductions.com

David Roberts - Christopher Columbus
Diego - Grant Hoffman
Pilgrim/Not Indian - Marc Murano

Logo created by Shea Lord

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