The noise of the violence and the politics often have cornered the history of nonviolent activist struggle in Basque Country. The documentary takes a look on this struggle through various actions (disobedient, peaceful and imaginative) in different frameworks like clandestine education (during the dictatorship of Franco), antinuclear actions, environment, peace building...The protagonists of these movements have come back to the places where the actions took place to talk about their fights and about their thoughts on the validity and effectiveness of nonviolence

Directed by: Oriol Andrés, Carles Castro, Gemma Garcia
Written by: Oriol Andrés, Gemma Garcia, Sabino Ormazabal
Producer: Gemma Garcia
Documentation: Carles Castro
Voice over: Cristina Carrasco
Editor: María Romero
Sound Editor: Susanna Carreras

A production by Bidea Helburu and Associació de Periodisme Fora de Quadre

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