"Metegol" - Catmandu (Buenos Aires): Maya, Arnold, Nuke
> Responsible for setup, optimization, lighting and compo of medium and hard production shots.
"Un monstre a Paris" - Walking the Dog (Bruxelles): XSI, MentalRay, Nuke
> Light rig and Light setup for a specific shot, Precomp in nuke
"Tree Fu Tom" - Bluezoo Animation (London): Maya, MentalRay, AfterEffect
> Shading, Fixes environment layout, Light setup.
"King Abdulaziz International Airport" - Direct to Brain (Rome): 3DStudio Max, Vray, Nuke
> Lighting setup, Shading, Precomp
"Trelleborg" - Riseon (Milan): Maya, Arnold, Nuke
>Responsible for setup, lookdev, optimization, lighting and shading for all shot

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