This lesson is part of the HandWallet Expense Manager video guide. HandWallet is a free app to mange budet and expense. You can download it from all the popular app stores:

The advances section of the "action details" include more that 10 subjects. You can navigate between the subjects by pressing the "Subject" drop down list. Or you can always go back to the basic action details by pressing again the advanced button. I will give explanations on each subject, so if something is not clear go to the relevant page, press the help menu and select "HandWallet University" as you just did.

Important tip: HandWallet is designed for different people with different needs. Some of the advanced subjects might be not relevant for you at all, and this is fine. For example, I don’t care about the invoice and receipt related to this action. So if something is not interesting for you just press the menu at the button of your device, select "options" and then "advanced subjects". You can remove anything that won't help you or return it needed.

For more information visit the HandWallet Expense Manager site:
or the HandWallet Expense Manager forum:

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