When I told people that Long Haul Films was doing a video project with Foundry Group, a venture capital firm based in Boulder, Colorado, I think people pictured a nice promotional piece with some interviews and a little B Roll from around the office.

I’m not sure anyone in their wildest dreams imagined “Worst of Times”. What we created in collaboration with the Foundry Group is a genre-spanning, time-traveling, gender-bending rap video that will change the way you think about Venture Capitalists forever. And if you’ve ever bemoaned our Instagram-obsessed, Twitter-crazed, cell phone-addicted modern society; then this is the video for you. We’re gonna take you back to simpler times; when you consulted Rand McNally instead of GPS, Fabio was on the cover of all the best books; and acid washed jeans were high fashion.

To find out more about the crazy kids from The Foundry Group visit their website or check out their other video, “I’m a VC”

Huge thanks to the whole Foundry Group team for inviting us along on one of the most fun shoots ever and for delivering performances which, I think, should get them a Grammy nod or at least a VMA….

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