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Queen Bee - A personal character design. I created the base meshes in Maya, took them into ZBrush for high detailed sculpting and texturing, and then into Cinema4D where the lighting, shaders and fur were set up.
The throne was made using After Effects Particular and Cinema4D, and the final image was comped in Photoshop.

Communist Chinese General - An additional personal character design. Base meshes modelled in Maya, sculpted, textured and posed in ZBrush and lit, shaded and hair created in Cinema4D. The final animation was comped in After Effects.

Call of Duty: MW3 (SPOV)- 2D and 3D assets created for the campaign sequences. All 2D assets were made using Illustrator, all 3D assets were made in Maya.

Carousel Attendant - A character from my major animation project set in a child's nightmare. All base meshes were modelled in Maya and sculpted in ZBrush. Exported displacement and normal maps from ZBrush were used to define the low-resolution rigged mesh.

Hermit woman - Another personal character design. The concept is a grotesque combination of a decomposing tribal woman crossed with a hermit crab. Base meshes modelled in Maya and sculpted and posed in ZBrush. The texture layer aspects were painted individually in ZBrush and comped in Photoshop.The final scene was rendered in Maya using Mentalray.

Neuroscouting (SPOV) - High and low resolution footage taken into Mocha for 2D tracking of athlete's limb motion. Tracking data subsequently taken into After Effects for production.

X-Men: Destiny (SPOV) - Opening sequence for the game. Digital painting of line art done in Photoshop.

Music track : Budo's Interlude - Sol

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