Eric Williamson saw the vision of this beautiful line. With 50+ moves of horizontal roof climbing it was quite the undertaking. Yet, he had the mental tenacity to hack away at this beast move by move. In solitary he went to work in the dark dungeon. Sometimes when I would see him after a long session, he would have the deranged scientist look in his eyes. He would muter beta, and talk about having the formula to do it, but something was missing.

Later Eric introduced Steven Dimmit to the "super proj." He was psyched. The next two months were shall I say productive. The dynamic duo spent all of their days off, and afternoons taming the project down into the most efficient movement possible. When invited out for dinner at brewery on the weekend, I imagine it was hard to explain to there friends that they would rather go spend their time in a dingy cave trying to clamber out the mouth without touching the ground. They put countless hard sessions into this ridiculous master piece. They fed off each others energy.

August: There hard work was paying off and they were making large links. They knew it was possible! After Months of dedication Steven crawled out of the mouth victorious. He came back to watch Eric Send soon after.
I happend to catch Erics actual send on video.

In someways I feel like this route belongs to Eric just as much as Steven Because he was the guy who had the moxie to say "this could go" then he had the allegiance to come back day after day, and finally the generosity to share his vision with his fellow climber.

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