It's Fall in NYC but that hasn't slowed down the pace of the number of people jumping on bikes. During rush hour NYC is starting to become a bit crowded on the bike lanes. And that's a good thing.

The last time I commuted home I just couldn't believe the number of riders out there. So I decided to log some footage during two successive PM rush hours and visit some of NYC's most iconic places to bike these days: including the Manhattan Bridge, Second Avenue, and the West Side Greenway.

I still can remember in the mid-90s bicycling over the Brooklyn Bridge and seeing hardly anyone walking or bicycling, it's simply amazing to see this many people with what the city has done!

A few things I learned from reviewing the footage I shot:

- Cyclists are certainly being more obedient in the protected bike lanes and greenway areas. I think this might be because of sheer numbers and the want for self-preservation. Simply put: you gotta start playing more by the rules now that we have reached a critical mass of cyclists.
- Bikes are everywhere. On the most popular commute roads during rush hours, you can see cabs, trucks and I can see drivers are being a little more cognizant. Of course when an unbroken string of a dozen or so cyclists pass by your window while waiting to turn, it's hard to ignore!
- Helmet use would seem to be on the decline, at the very least down under 50%. I leave it for my viewers to argue that. I do not take sides either way.
- Citibikes have enormously boosted bicycling numbers. They are simply providing a lot more traffic.

So sit back and enjoy! NYC is changing!

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