Allowing you to be prepared for complications after breast reconstruction.

The Problem — Postoperative Seroma Formation and Infection

Allograft sling breast reconstruction is the most common method of breast reconstruction in the United States. This method is typically successful and effective.

However, a recent Harvard study has shown that there is a significant increase in seroma formation and infection with this type of surgery. This study was performed to specifically identify the risks involved with postoperative complications.

It revealed that the complication rates are 14.1% higher with the Allograft sling reconstruction method and treatment of these issues can mean that the woman will undergo additional surgeries, or even experience removal of the expander altogether, resulting in traumatic loss and setbacks.

The options available for reducing these risks are few. How can you be prepared?

AlloX2 is the Solution

It’s a simple and innovative design, which allows the AlloX2 to connect with the pocket around the implant — the periprosthetic pocket — where the majority of postoperative complications occur.

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