Ever wondered what it’s like teaching English abroad (TEFL)?
What things you need to know about teaching English abroad to help you make an informed decision?
The only way you’ll find out is to hear it from a teacher abroad whose doing it right now.
Euan has been teaching abroad in Saigon Vietnam for a few years now at Shane.
Listen to the video to find out what its really like to be a teacher abroad

This industry loves it’s acronyms, so we’ve done a quick glossary of some of the more used terms.


ESL stands English as a second language
is the use or study of English by speakers with different native languages which is also called ESOL.

ESOL Stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. There are many different TEFL course, from 40 hours online through to 120 hours attendance. The CELTA is the best known qualification in the world.

The Cambridge CELTA is a four week very intensive TEFL course that gives you practical and academic experience as well as a recognised certificate if you pass. As well as 6 hours teaching practice, you also clock up a lot of hours observing others teaching. This is a demanding course, therefore the pass rate is much lower than many of the shorter courses. It was previously known as CTEFLA and the ‘RSA Certificate’

Trinity Cert TESOL
The Trinity Cert TESOL, like the CELTA is a four week very intensive TEFL course that gives you practical and academic experience as well as a recognised certificate if you pass. Like the CELTA, you will get 6 hours of observed teaching practice and many hours observing others teaching.


I’m the Director of Studies at Shane Vietnam. I’m from Leicester in the UK.

I graduated from university and then I perused a career in publishing. I was working as a circulation manager for four and a half years. I was made redundant. I’d gone on a CELTA course, well it’s actually it a TESOL course. After graduating the company gave us a number of sort of websites to check out. I went to one, had a look around. I was trying to decide between Taiwan, Korea, Japan.

So I went to Taiwan and I worked there for two years. They had a training scheme there where we were actually were able to train new teachers and that just opened up a lot of opportunities for me to develop my career in ESL.

The best thing about living and working abroad is, well there’s lots of great things so firstly you get a real insight to the country the culture of the people. You don’t necessary get that with a tourist holiday, you know on the tourist holiday you often go to the greatest hits kid of thing, you go there, you don’t always get a feel for the people. I also think the quality of life is a lot better living out here.

I’ve never really panicked to the extent where I thought I’m getting on a plane tomorrow. I’ve had little moments of doubt. My brother actually had a son a nephew and I felt a little bit guilty to be a way from him and away from all the family part of that.

I think I would recommend this life style, and teaching english abroad to anyone.

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