The video introduces the Scientific Patient Guide "THE MIGRAINE REVOLUTION: We can End the Tyranny!". It was written for people whose life is heavily impacted by migraine disorder and frequent/severe migraine attacks. While some of them may have given up already, many others still cherish the secret hope that one day things will change for them.

But things don't change until you change them. This book empowers and enables fed up migraine patients to change themselves from "victims of migraine" into "ex-migraineurs" by addressing the individual glitches in body, mind and brain.

At the same time it provides health professionals from any field with a comprehensive overview, effectively turning them into migraine experts straight away. More than 1,600 scientific references (as convenient footnotes) create ample opportunity for further study.

This textbook is an essential part of the global initiative to raise awareness for migraine as a complex disorder of body, mind and brain (and NOT another word for headache).

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