Can the rough draft sometimes be better than a final copy?
"The band decides to test run a new set of songs live, in performance before ever entering a music studio. Teaming up with local filmmakers in the process, the results were raw and roughhewn: a cinéma-vérité of songwriting & its initial muse in the earliest stages, before the producer or studio can sculpt it different. Shot in stark black and white & captured in 1 day of full-shoot recording on a particularly hazy afternoon in a particularly San Francisco garage, the footage asks the question: will this be Growwler's rough draft or final copy?" (Text by Pete Gast, Stentorian Sounds 2013)

Filmed and recorded by Ben Ambrogi & Joe Zolnoski on April 18 of 2013.
For more Growwler, please go here: Www.growwler.coM
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Josef Zolnoski:

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