Intercordia Canada partners with many different NGO's worldwide. Fundacion Retro Internacional (FRI) is one that takes place in Ecuador. Students from Canadian Universities have the opportunity to volunteer in Ecuador. This video invites you to the Ecuadorian Intercordia experience.

FRI facilitates non-formal educational programs that allow participants to experience life in another culture. By living with a local host family, participating in observational visits to nearby communities, and volunteering with different kinds of organizations, our participants learn about Ecuadorian culture, community development, adaptability, time management, independence and, hopefully, so much more. FRI programs facilitate sociocultural processes in which the participants learn:
- to develop a critical conscience, as well as an understanding and respect for other cultures
that respect unites us all and makes us responsible for the realities of and solutions to the currently existing problems in the world

As such, FRI facilitates international volunteer programs and internships that have the goal of building peace world wide.

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