A short film I shot with a crew in Doncaster, March 2012.

'Vacant is a tense psychological drama set in the North.'

'Rachel cycles the same path each and every day. This day, the same as any other day in almost every way, will be different in one significant way. An accident, a gang of youths, and a helpful young bystander lead to a dangerous game of cat and mouse. This day will not only change the way that Rachel views her neighbourhood, but could irrevocably alter her perception of an entire generation. All she has to do is survive this day, this day of all days. 'Vacant' is a tense psychological drama set in a Northern town, which serves as an exposition into the attitude of today's 'teen generation', and explores the potential dangers of a society without boundaries, repercussions or accountability for a frustrated and disenfranchised lost generation raised on the false promise of hope, ambition and success.'

Dir. Cal Johnson
Prod. Martin Bushby
Bodyswerve Productions

Camera: Canon 60D
Lenses: Canon EOS

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