Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival BIEFF 2013
December 11th-15th, Cinema Studio & Cinema Elvira Popescu
^ the 4th edition

- IDFA Amsterdam Paradocs Special Program -

EMPIRE: MIGRANTS (22', The Netherlands, 2012)

Part of a larger cross-media research project in progress, EMPIRE: MIGRANTS is an experimental documentary that explores, through a multi-split screen, the controversial historical time frame of colonialism and slave trade, which have influenced the present lives of some communities from Ghana, Suriname and Brazil. A nuanced visual essay on the relation between ethnicity, uprooting and relocating, that brings together contradictory perspectives on the effects of Dutch colonialism. Positively reviewed by magazines such as Variety or VICE, the film is a provocative mix of documentary, visual art and journalism. (Andreea Mihalcea, BIEFF 2013)

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