-The Story-

Kristin and Justin have been through a lot together. From maintaining a long distance relationship to finishing years of school together, they went through it all. Despite these struggles their relationship shows no signs of slowing down, rather it is full of joy, vibrance, and an exciting future!

Once we began to dig a little deeper into their story we found out some really unique things about Kristin and Justin. It turns out that they both live in Florida yet they got married in Geyserville California. You may be thinking “How the heck did that happen?” or “earth actually contains a city named Geyserville?” Our whole team was thoroughly debunked by these two questions so we figured instead of pondering these unsolvable queries for days upon days we would simply ask Justin and Kristin for an explanation.

We learned contrary to its un-handsome name, Geyserville is actually a beautiful city full of vineyards and lush vistas! Every year the two love birds book a plane flight and spend a weekend basking in the beauty of the vineyards in this amazing city. We also learned that Justin proposed in Geyserville, which tripled its importance in their relationship. Pondering upon all the memories formed in this fantastic city, Justin and Kristin decided it would be the perfect place to tie the knot.

Once we discovered the significance of this city’s vineyards in their relationship we knew we had to include them in the film. The day of the wedding our team got up at the crack of dawn and voyaged to the vineyard where Kristin and Justin were getting married. We scurried about getting amazing shots of the sun peaking over the mountains and illuminating the fields. We captured birds, geese, and other animals as they frolicked about in nature. We quickly realized why this place was so special to Kristin and Justin.

While we were interviewing them before the wedding we discovered that their long distance relationship was extremely hard for the both of them and that during this time they wrote many letters back and forth to keep their love strong. Knowing this, we decided it would really bring out their story if we captured them both writing out their vows. Since writing back and forth was such a important part of their relationship this story choice worked perfectly!

Lastly we found out that Kristin and Justin are absolute goofballs when they are together. As we kept our eyes and ears open we started to see these awesome quirks come out. Whether that be Kristin dancing as she walked down the aisle or Justin springing into spontaneous dance moves, the day didn't cease to explode with goofy shenanigans.

Kristin and Justin’s glorious vineyard wedding was of epic proportions and it will forever be a day we remember! We couldn’t be happier with how their film turned out and we are beyond excited to share it with everyone :)

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