Abraham was a second away from sacrificing his son. Moses was minutes away from dying when he slammed his staff into the surf and turned the sea into a sidewalk. David dropped his bread and cheese and then put an end to a rough 40 day military standoff when he dropped the giant with a single smooth stone.

Sacrificing your son? Facing Pharaoh? Fighting the Philistine Giant? That is some scary stuff! How do you scale up into the unthinkable, step into the illogical, and sprint towards the impossible without shrinking back in fear? You walk in faith.

The stories of Abraham, Moses and David are at their core, faith stories.

Would your faith have survived such a test of time and hardship? Can we even have that kind of faith? Yes, you can have that kind of faith. Unfortunately, some of us don't clearly understand what faith is or how to put it into practice.

Maybe you had that kind of faith. But lately you've lost faith. We are not talking about faith in the government, the economy or even in yourself. We are talking about losing faith in God. You had it. You lost it. It's time to get it back. Hebrews chapter 11 is a great place to start. It is filled with stories of faith that will fill us with faith as we live our stories!

Join Bara Church this October for Faith Stories: a fearless series about walking by faith.

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