【 Ingredient。食材】

-Grapeseed oil。葡萄籽油→ 170g
-Brown Sugar。红糖→ 115g
-Self Raising Flour。自发粉→ 225g
-Oatmeal。燕麦片 →57g
-Moutain Salt。山盐 →1 teaspoon 茶匙
-Cinnamon Powder。肉桂粉→little 少许
-Lemon Juice。柠檬汁→little 少许
-Minced Lemon Peel。切碎柠檬皮→little 少许


【 Method 。制作】

1.Lemon juice and water mix well with oatmeal.

2.Mix well all ingredient in a big bowl.

3. take a small ball of dough, about the size of RM0.50 and squeeze it.You can make between 20- 25 cookies.

4.Preheat oven with 180°C about 10 min. and bake for about 15 mins.
预热烘炉 180°C 大约10分钟,烘焙15分钟直到烤成金黄色。

5.Let it cold down and eat it anytime.

【 Attention 。小提醒】

●Method 1 purpose is to make cookies dough more sticky,so that won't taste too loose when you are eating it. 制作 1 的目的是让饼干面团比较粘稠,那么在你吃饼干的时候不至于太松散。

●You are free to change ingredient ,such as raisin into choco chips or cinnamon powder.你可以自由更改食材的分量,例如葡萄干可以换成巧克力粒或者多加肉桂粉的。随着你喜欢的口味做变化吧。

●This recipies is to made soft cookies,but it will have lil crunchy.

●这食谱是雁雁改良过的,不使用任何苏打粉,鸡蛋和牛油。适合全素者享用。This recipies is not using any baking soda,eggs and butter. Vegan is good to enjoy this cookies.

●食谱中使用葡萄籽油,大家有任何玉米油,葵花籽油,橄榄油都可以代替使用的。You can used any corn oil,sunflower seeds oil,olive oil to replace grapeseed oil.

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