English title: A Boy has been dead
Year: 2010
Length: 94'
Director: Filippo Vendemmiati
Federico Aldrovandi has not for long completed eighteen years when, to the dawn of the 25 september 2005, meets a patrol of the police in presses of the race course, to Ferrara. Little hours the more late family learns of its disappearance. Between these two moments many questions and much silences. The doc it travels over again the human and judicial events tied the dead women of Federico, the reconstructions of the police that speak about died for overdose, the astonishment and the pain of relatives and friends and initially destined a judicial inquiry to the recording… Then the first suspiciones, the disfigured body of the boy, the official versions that come refutation from the analyses, the involvement of the police and the depistaggi. The scandal, the media attention and the courage of a family that, in the July of 2009 and then in appeal in june 2011, will carry to the sentences for four police officers.

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