A woman faces her lover's execution...

A film I made a few years ago, with a new colour grade, always felt the original cut needed dirtying up a bit...

Shot for the genero.tv music video contest - though the film wasn't chosen by the label as winner, it won the public vote by a fair margin.


Producers: Jethro Massey, Faith Anne Gosselin
Writer & Director: Jethro Massey
Director of Photography: Mike Ingledew (vmphouse.com)

The girl: Marianne Katser
The man in the chair: Barnaby Quinn
The executioner: Massimiliano Mocchia Di Coggiola
The executioner's wife: Dyna Dagger
Henchmen: Alex Lajoie, Mikhail Dorokhov

Executive Producer: Magdalena Petrovic
Set design & wardrobe: Faith Anne Gosselin
Make-up: Lexi DeRock
Camera assistant: Glenn Cruz
Production assistants: Kim-Renee Spokes, Perle Tharinger
Execution drawing by Dyna Dagger
Paintings by Sorrel Smith
Medical instruments from the collection of Son Excellence Otto
Editor: Jethro Massey
Stills Photographer: Sylvie Boutet

Filmed at the Talmart Gallery, Paris

Special thanks to:
Marc Monsallier
Rich Seymour
Tania Juhl
Linda Lammle
Eugene Izraylit
Lady Flo / Neo Retro


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