Braids was born while buying a blueberry muffin in the school cafeteria during break. "We should start a band", Austin said to Raphie. "Yes, that would be cool", Said Raphie to Austin. Katie and Taylor were already members. That was their last year of High School.

The band took awhile off after school - playing every day in the garage. The next year they moved together to Montreal, as graceful as a flock of migrating birds, finding themselves in a bitter cold Eastern winter. This time they practiced in a ware house with Metal bands and cigarettes, they took the metro, they stayed up late, they were happy.

They lived together for the spring and listened to records at night. Now the girls live together and the boys live together. They’re recording a record at Taylor and Austin’s house, soon they’ll have their own.

Braids is a band of best friends making experimental indie pop. They have a lot of fun doing it and even got to make a video with Vincent Moon and Nora in the train yard. What a beautiful sky that day.


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