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It's part 7. Wow I love number '7'. I don't know is it good part or not. Like always I hope that you will like it, If not just tell me what is wrong with this video. I feel that I'm doing worse part. Tell me what do you think about it, please.

♪Song: Safetysuit - You don't see me, Lifehouse- Halfway gone (piano tribute)
►Fandom: The Vampire Diaries - Elena Gilbert (and Damon, Stefan, Caroline)
Supernatural - Dean Winchester (and Sam)

Elena: Klaus compelled him to stand in front of speeding car. Don't you get it?
Damon: No! No!!! I know what you're thinking- the answer is no!
Elena: You know, you don't have to, right? It doesn't have to fall on you.
Stefan: Yeah. Yeah, we need to do this.
Damon: No way. I'm not doing that.
Elena: Damon! Wait Damon!

Sam: How you feeling?
Dean: Awesome.

Sam: You're acting like nothing happened.
Dean: What do you want me to say?
Sam: Say something, all right? Hell, say anything! Aren't you angry?

Sam: How could you do that?
Elena: I feel bad about it.
Sam: Don't talk about it like you don't have a choice.
Sam: This is how it ends? You just walk out?
Elena: I can't talk right now.

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